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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A new day is dawning on the way that we get news. Not only in America, but from around the world, people looked to bloggers to get the most current and accurate information on election night 2004.Although, many blogs disagreed on many details, one thing was clear: More than one man ran for president, they mostly wore suits, Michael Moore had an opinion about it, one of those men won, and the gay culture should be confined to Showtime after dark.

Michael Moore had an opinion about it

The fact is that we are seeing a revival in America. And with the Evangelical Christians leading the country, we can once again hope for a revolution of the written word. Because they believe television, like most things, is very, very, very evil.

We have no information on who Eric Engberg is going steady with

The CBS news correspondent Eric Engberg said recently about blogs, “This is the kind of stuff we used to run in my aforementioned school paper, when the speculation surrounded who was going steady. The difference is that the bloggers aspire to being a force in our public life and claim to be at the forefront of a new political-media era." In this spirit, we offer you NewsBlog 5000, the news source of the future.

We have no information on who Eric Engberg is going steady with, but we hope to do a follow-up shortly.

Dr Ryan Maynard, Editor, NewsBlog 5000

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