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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Now, I usually have the back of my boy, Rush Limbaugh. But in a recent interview with magazine, Rush makes some statements that are truly unconscionable.

"[Michelle Wie is] a triumph of marketing. … Do you think these PGA Tour guys really think she deserves to be a tournament with them? The political-correctness situation will just not allow them to say it." Rush said.

Now this is just out of line. At 16, Michelle Wie is perhaps the hottest golfer in the world. Limbaugh says that only "liberals and femi-nazis" are interested in Wie. But I would as Rush, "What about men with a fetish for Asian girls?" I think Gary Glitter would agree with me, or he would have when she was a few years younger.

Rush, by trashing Wie, you are only proving to your friends what we have been thinking for years. You are so gay.

Dr. Ryan Maynard, Editor, NewsBlog 5000

No, he's a fat, ugly, sick in the soul disgusting pig who should just crawl into a hole and lie there examining his penis all day except that he probably can't see it over his belly. He is the ultimate asshole creep who clearly, clearly feels (and in reality, is) inferior to all creatures female. I hate him and all his ilk.
Take back the world from Rush Limbaugh! What disgusts me even more is he reduced Chrissy Hinds' "My City Is Gone" into a silly little riff for his show. Hopefully people have checked out where the riff comes from because the sentiment of the song is counter to this obese cretin's ethos. Everybody should email Rush and make a mock attack against him for playing such an obviously "liberal" song. I think the concept of "riding out of town on a rail" was conceived especially for him. Time to find that rail!
When you find that rail, I think we know where Rush would like it to go.
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