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Military Conducts Taser Tests on Pigs

Saturday, April 08, 2006

(SNN San Antonio) The Department of Defense conducted tests of Taser guns on live pigs at a Texas military base.

The animals were used as part of an experimental study by the DOD at a research lab at Brooks City-Base in the summer of 2002 to test the effectiveness of various Taser devices on pigs.

While Tasering pigs sounds like a lot of fun, some people aren't happy. "This is (a) very upsetting video showing 11 fully conscious pigs being shocked with Taser stun guns," Laura Yanne, of PETA, said.

"They are shot with these 50,000 volts of electricity until they topple and convulse and are clearly screaming," Yanne said. And if she thought that was bad, it is probably lucky she did not get audio of the sounds they made when their balls were cut off.

In a statement, Ed Shannon, a spokesman for Brooks City-Base, said the research "is vital to our nation's defense and saves the lives of our military's men and women that are being attacked by pigs in alarming numbers."

Still exists the contention that we only used our nation's military might against the pigs because of our nation's insatiable addiction to bacon. Today in a press conference White House Spokesperson Scott McClellan would neither confirm nor deny that the President eats a bacon sandwich with every meal. However, some say that the President's penchant for bacon would only strengthen his position with the Republican base.

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