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Moore Film to Target Healthcare Industry

Monday, December 27, 2004

Michael Moore’s new film is already causing controversy. The film is titled “Sickos” and is about the American Healthcare system. At least six major drug companies have sent some form of warning to employees about possible ambush interviews from Moore. While Moore has done pieces on the Healthcare Industry on television, this is the first time he has attempted a full length feature on this subject.

Michael Moore’s new film is already causing controversy.

Refusing to stoop to Moore’s level, pharmaceutical companies have responded to the expected criticism of their products and tactics with criticism of Moore’s products and tactics. "Moore's past work has been marked by negativity, so we can only assume it won't be a fair and balanced portrayal”, said Rachel Bloom, executive director of corporate communications for AstraZeneca. She went on to say Moore’s movies “resemble docudramas more than documentaries."

Moore’s movies “resemble docudramas more than documentaries."

Like most movies about the healthcare industry, Moore’s movie is expected to feature 3 young girls, candy stripers or possibly student nurses, on a journey of erotic experimentation while trying to snag a handsome young doctor as a husband. This may even have been foreshadowed in Moore’s film “Canadian Bacon” which featured young Canadian candy stripers experimenting with light bondage.

Moore was questioned at his Michigan home about whether he was hiring real doctors to help these young girls experiment with their sexuality. "I didn't need to,” said Moore. “So many doctors have offered to help.” Moore decided to make a movie about the sex lives of medical professionals because it is a notion that the average American can relate to. "Being screwed by your HMO,” Moore said, “is the shared American experience.”

Oh, if only we had such great healthcare like they do in Canada, where the waiting lines are enormous, but culturally diverse.. or some crap like that. Meh.

Let Moore make his next movie and try to make it look legit. He already screwed up with EatAPie 9/11.
As someone who has experienced the "Great American" healthcare system as a self employed/unemployed person, I can say I'd rather wait in queue than experience the humiliation of becoming an "indigent" person to receive care. So what if you need to wait, it will get done eventually. In the US, it will get done if it gets paid by someone. As to a movie about sex and doctor's, this will be an all "anal" film won't it?
I looked at your article on Mike Moore's film re drug industry. The way it came up on my G3 mac was a string of words down the middle of the page. It was essentially unreadable.

Oddly enough, just below this comment box, the article appears in more or less normal spacing.
Sorry for the trouble. We do not however have the facilities to do testing on IE5 on a PPC.
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