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Opinions: Who cares about Terri Schiavo?

Sunday, March 27, 2005

There is not one day when I do not hear hours of opinions and commentary about Terri Schiavo. In fact, the way some cable news channels go on about her, you would think that when she dies, their stations will die with her.

It is time for the extreme right to acknowledge that Terri is gone.

It is time for the extreme right to acknowledge that Terri is gone. It is time that we look past the plight of a woman who will never be able to enjoy a good book, eat an Easter dinner or watch tasteful pornography, and look at the people who are extending her suffering. Perhaps she still has a soul that is trapped in her dead shell of a brain. If she does, stop punishing it. Set her free. Her life is over. Take her life’s struggles as a lesson and carry on, we have life yet to live.

It is time to look at the real villains in this case, the Schindlers’ lawyers. They have made the most private aspects of their client’s lives into a three ring circus. There are more people in the United States that know the intricate details of Terri’s plight than there are people who know that Michael Jackson is standing trial. They have strung along these hopeful parents that only want the best for their child and vilified their son-in-law, who really only wants the same things. Right now, in China, there are thousands of people discussing this case.

Right now, in China, there are thousands of people discussing this case.

The Schindler lawyers should feel awful about what they are doing. They have taken a poor injured woman and put her family through hell. They have made a poor sick woman at her saddest hour a clown for the world to see. They have put advertising before ethics, and they probably go to bed at night with a smile on their faces for all the free publicity they are getting.

This is the time for those that really respect and cherish the sanctity of life to stand up and be counted. Find the Schindlers’ lawyers, their spokesmen, their PR specialists, their questionable specialists and beat in their heads with a meat hammer. It is the right thing to do.

Happy Easter
Alice Humbees, Opinions.

Yeah! And then pull their feeding tubes!

Seriously though, this has grown into a case of a "perceived injustice" -- its not about Terri Schiavo anymore -- and everyone cares about injustices.
I love being an American. Where the quantity of time endured is not as important as the quality of life lived. I don't want to live longer, live to be one hundred years old or live to be the last man standing unless the quality of life matches my standards. I don't want to be a "senior citizen" living in a nursing home sucking down pills just to exist because that is what I am supposed to do.

Fuck You America! I want to die when it stop being good. And I know longer want to hear about the Schiavo case. I think all involved shouldn't be killed but thoroughly sodomized, desexed, and assigned to a garbage skowl. That includes not only, both families, the doctors, the lawyers, the hospice, and the media. But all the politicians and "concerned" people that dribbled this skreed from their mouths.

God has a plan. God can take care of His own stuff. God doesn't need Pat Robertson or Jeb Bush to intervene. And God certaintly doesn't want us to live a longer shitty life having to hear every blasted person babble on about the Schiavo case. I just want to waddle through Walmart making fun of the customers and not having to hear them be all religious and moral about the Schiavo case.

So fuck it. Youth-in-Asia isn't a bad thing if adminstered with compassion and due diligence.

And once again, Fuck You America.
THANK YOU for voicing an opinion that I was going to make on my own. This woman's life has become a mockery, put on display for the world to see, founded and propagated by the religious right in the United States.

Although a parent should never have to see their child die, this woman has been classified as "Severely Brain Damaged" for 15 years. It's time her parents (Who are not her legal guardians, her husband is) moved on. Her husband has, but not without suffering the loss of his wife, if not completely on a physical level, most definitely on a mental level.

Removing her feeding tube, is nothing less than an act of mercy. I know that if I was in that situation, I would request that my family let me die instead of being a hollow shell that once contained my "spirit" or "soul". Keeping her alive when she's not even aware of it, is greedy, and deliberately cruel.
As Anna Quindlan so wisely wrote in this week's Newsweek column, "It is like a music box in which the music has stopped playing." Or something very like that.
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