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Saddam’s Skivvies Shown by The Sun

Friday, May 20, 2005

(SNN London) Saddam Hussein, deposed tyrant of Iraq was shown half naked on the cover of the British tabloid “The Sun”. Saddam’s lawyer has announced that The Sun and all parties involved will be sued.

Despite the possibility of a death sentence hanging over his head, Saddam has tried to remain busy while in prison. Saddam has begun writing his memoirs, a biography that will deal with everything from his childhood to his exile in Egypt and his military campaigns. This will be the most ambitious writing project of Saddam to date. In the past the toppled tyrant has only written romance novels.

In addition to his memoirs, Saddam did a photo shoot. These photos of the dictator in his underwear were to be used in calendars featuring “The Men of the Ba’ath Party”. It is not known how The Sun was able to get hold of the pictures. "There is an investigation," added US Staff Sergeant Don Dees.

The Sun said that it obtained the photos from "US military sources", who it claimed had handed over the pictures. "It’s important that the people of Iraq see him like that," the source was quoted as saying.

It is not known how this early release will effect “The Men of the Ba’ath Party” calendars, as it was predicted that Saddam’s calendar “Ba’athtime” was going the be the best seller. Saddam is already planning to take legal action against The Sun for lost sales. "We will sue the newspaper and everyone who helped in showing these pictures," said Saddam Hussein's chief lawyer Ziad Al-Khasawneh.

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