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Editor's Note

Thursday, October 20, 2005

As a condition of our purchase by the Sincmil News Network, I must occasionally take my employees on a corporate retreat. Subsequently, whilst I am subjected to performing trust exercises with Alice Humbees, NewsBlog 5000 will be shut down for a few days.

We can only hope that there is no news between now and the beginning of next week.

Ryan Maynard, Editor

Someone's fingering my bugger hole and t'ain't noone around to right about it!!! Come back Dr. Manyard, come back!!!
Doesn't xlceswp sound like what happens when Excel starts eating into your colon?
ycpxr said...

"...noone around to right about it!"

Dummy, that word be "write" unless you are noting Dr. Maynard's (not Man-Yard) oh so appearant political bias.

O where o where did Dr. Maynard go?
O where o where could he be?
Did he slop a frog and eat a shoe?
Maybe his brain took a pee.

Dr. Maynard! Dr. Maynard! Everybody start chanting this at the top of your lungs. That little sound you are hearing right now is you and me and me and you and him and him and you and me and her...
Thank you for your kind words. It is good to be missed.

However, I must point out that we have no bias here.
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