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Violent Lawyer threatens Computer Game Enthusiasts

Saturday, October 15, 2005

(SNN Tampa) Florida attorney and anti-videogame campaigner Jack Thompson has lost his support from America's National Institute of Media and the Family after claiming to have the support in regular open letters.

What a violent man.

The loss of support comes after Thompson sent an open letter to the videogame industry in which he outlined his idea for a game where the CEO of a fictional game company is murdered along with her family out of revenge from video game inspired violence. As incentive for making his game, he offered the first video game company to use his idea "$10,000" to a charity of choice.

As a result of Thompson's request for a violent videogame, Dr David Walsh of the America's National Institute of Media and the Family wrote an open letter to Thompson asking him to stop writing open letters.

Mike Krahulik, an artist behind Penny Arcade, a popular web comic focused around video games, contacted Thompson after he made this offer. Krahulik wished to point out that his charity sponsored by video game players, Child's Play, has raised over half a million dollars for children's hospitals around the USA. He received a polite reply from Thompson. "Jack actually just called and screamed at me for a couple minutes," Krahulik said. "He said if I email him again I will 'regret it'. What a violent man."

Video game violence is what occurs when an abused and/or neglected child with easy access to firearms kills someone, and it is found that his may have once played Ms. Pac Man. It is very similar to violence caused by Dungeons and Dragons style role-playing games, which is similar but involves swords and usually a dislike of Tom Hanks.

Dear Italy, I love that macaroni. Keep up the good work. Jimmy Carter.

The America's National Institute of Media and the Family is a fake but real sounding organization founded by Norman Lear in the early eighties as a spin-off of his popular television series Maude. Their mission is to minimize the harm of media on children and families through research, education and advocacy. This just goes show Lear's mastery of the absurdity of human endeavor.

An Open Letter is a letter that is intended to be read by a wide audience, such as "Dear Italy, I love that macaroni. Keep up the good work. Jimmy Carter".

Jack Thompson is an attention whore.

If your child dislikes Tom Hanks, you should call the authorities.

Disclosure: The Sincmil News Network is a contributor to Child's Play.

In between painting color chips of variant tint and hue, I have stopped five times to masturbate to the image of Tom Hanks tossing Pat Boone's salad. My sound track of choice is anything by Jack Thompson's late '80's boogie man of choice 2 Live Crew.

If Jesus was here today, he would probably getting a phone call from Jackass Thompson telling him to stop corrupting our children with all that liberal love and sharing crap.

Victory can call these people assholes, I call them criminals, fucknutts, shitforfuckinluckycharmssuckingblowass fuckin'bitchlickin'punkturdswappingbutthole worshippingcreamin'andscreamin'shitmongerssatanistfacistfuckfountaincockcushionsspermwasteshatersbeanfuckersassfuckersfuckerfuckerslipfuckersshit fuckershorsefuckersdogfuckersfuckersoffuckersfuckingfuckers.

Man, I would just love to bloodily sodomize ole' Jack Thompson and then piss on him. He'd know who the man was then. I'm the fucking man.

That Jack Thompson is just another pile of shit posing as a human being. At least, Saddam Hussein is real to his cause!?
The real standard of who should be allowed to protect your children is WOULD YOU LET THAT PERSON WATCH YOUR CHILD?

I bet Saddam Hussein would make a better baby sitter than Jack'o'ass Thompson. In Saddam's world it is a penalty of death to fuck a child. In Jack'o'ass' it is just politics.
Wow, I really have to play more computer games. Had I known what violence lurked in the hearts of the players, I would have dived in years ago. As it is, I have had my XBox 2 sitting under the loveseat in my entry for 11 months now, and just haven't gotten around to installing it. Hmmm.
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