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Increased Security May Not Help

Saturday, October 08, 2005

(SNN New York) The New York Police Department has heightened security in New York's subway system. The security has been heightened based on information found in a Department of Homeland Security memo.

The memo indicated that Homeland Security and FBI agents doubted the reliability of the memo.

The memo claimed that an attack on the New York subway system was scheduled to take place on or around Sunday. According to the memos, the bombers intended to use remote control or timed devices placed in suitcases, briefcases or baby strollers. This memo, of course, is just stupid. Ok, maybe the briefcases and the suitcases would work, but an Arabic man abandoning a baby carriage would draw people's attention, even on a New York Subway. The memo indicated that Homeland Security and FBI agents doubted the reliability of the memo.

On Thursday, U.S. forces in Iraq arrested two suspects believed to be behind the plot and a third suspect was arrested on Friday. The three suspects are believed to have received explosives training in Afghanistan. Authorities are investigating whether a fourth man had already traveled to New York, but according to Department of Homeland Security spokesman Brian Doyle, the government has no information that the fourth suspect "is either here or even exists."

So putting together this information, the terrorist plan becomes clear. On Saturday, three men were going to sneak across the war zone along the Syrian border, then use false credentials to fly to New York. Once they were in New York, they were going to meet their imaginary friend. Then the jetlagged men were going go shopping for bomb supplies and stay up all night building a number of bombs and remote control detonators. Finally, the Arabic looking men who had not eaten, showered or slept in three days were going to leave luggage and baby carriages unattended on the subway without arousing suspicion, and quietly slip away after the explosions.

What remains to be seen is how well this memo will take attention away from Rove's involvement in the Plame investigation, Rep. Delay's Indictments, Sen. Frist's 'blind' trust, the President's low poll numbers, Harriet Miers, the vote extension on the new pork filled energy bill, contradicting pentagon statements about the war in Iraq, or the Red Sox defeat.

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