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Times Reporter Finds Notes

Sunday, October 09, 2005

(SNN Washington) New York Times reporter Judith Miller has discovered notes of a conversation she had with President Dick Cheney's chief of staff in June 2003, and has turned them over to the prosecutors.

Miller, 85, spent 57 days in jail over her refusal to break a promise of confidentiality to her source. Some went as far as to advance the ridiculous notion that Miller was not protecting a source, but in some kind of collusion with White House staff.

But Miller claims that she was protecting freedom of the press by withholding information on her sources. Miller testified before a grand jury Sept. 30 but due to Miller's ethics, she could not testify before speaking to Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Scooter Libby and signing a $1.2 million book deal.

Miller claims that she was protecting freedom of the press

In addition to the notes, Miller has also agreed to special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's request that she meet with him Tuesday to answer additional questions. After Miller was imprisoned for failing to testify, it is fortunate that the seasoned reporter merely lost her notes and was not withholding evidence from a grand jury.

While Miller has been released, there is not guarantee that she will not end up back in prison. Two-thirds of the women who find themselves in a correctional institution become repeat offenders. This is especially true if Miller was involved in a prison gang. Gangs in women's prisons are put together for protection and homosexual companionship. Most females who join female prison gangs were sexually abused as children or reporters for the New York Times.

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