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Ford Motor Company denies Aquacar Project

Friday, November 12, 2004

For years, gasoline consumers have been questing for the Holy Grail of Automobiles, a car that would run on water. While automakers say this is out of reach, many concerned citizens are worried that these gigantic corporations may be suppressing technology for their own interests.

the electric power industry can now produce their own fuel on demand and on site

One who is questing for that grail is Jay “Czech” Powert. Czech claims that “Using a high tech substance called ‘water’, the electric power industry can now produce their own fuel on demand and on site. The automobile industry has known about this for years. I literally have thousands of pages of evidence that a Ford project codenamed “Aquamobile” is building a car that runs on water in a secret facility deep under Detroit.” When asked to produce the evidence, Czech apologized, but claimed that the thousands of pages of evidence had been stored in his garage, and were infested with silverfish.

Despite Czech Powert’s overwhelming amount of evidence, Ford seems skeptical. A spokesman for Ford Motor Company who would only identify herself as Yenna, had this to say, “The Aquamobile is not a product that Ford Motor Company is currently working on.”

Well, Yenna, you may be very soon hearing something different from Jay “Czech” Powert. King Arthur searched his entire life for his grail. Czeck just has to find a good exterminator.

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