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Editors Note: Rights and Responsibilities

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Today marks yet another week of operation from our fledgling news organization. During the past week, our traffic has more than doubled. This is mostly due to BlogExplosion. BlogExplosion is a sort of mutual benefit society where you pretend to read blogs and then other people pretend to read your blog. In less than a week, we have received over 400 visitors to our site. This, as always, pleases our investors, who measure success one hit at a time and do not understand log analysis.

I hold others to higher standards than myself.

You may have noticed links to a couple of charities on the bottom of our sidebar. We provide these in the finest tradition of charity promotion in the media, and because we have almost unlimited space and no real advertisers.

After looking through the vast number of complaints we get each week, I came across this one from John. John asks, “Where did you get the right to determine how another man spends his (well earned) money?” Well, this is a very good question John. The fact is that, as a journalist, my job mainly consists of poking my nose into the business of others and criticizing them. It is not a right, but a responsibility that I hold others to higher standards than myself. I do this not for me, but for you my gentle readers.

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