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Kim Jong-Il: World’s Biggest Little Fanatic

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Some call him crazy. Some call him a fanatic, but Kim Jong-Il, leader of North Korea, is reportedly one of the worlds biggest movie buffs. Kim’s collection reportedly contains over 20,000 titles. Among Kim’s favorites are the Godzilla movies, James Bond movies and the Godfather. Included in his massive collection is a copy of every movie ever to win an Oscar. Despite being the worlds biggest fan, the scrappy little dictator stands only 5’ 2” tall.

Kim is so crazy

Kim is so crazy about the silver screen that he kidnapped a famous South Korean director, Shin Sang Ok, and his actress ex-wife Che Eun Hui in 1978. Kim kept them for eight years and forced them to produce propaganda films.

North Korea refused to answer any detailed questions on Kim Jong-Il

Recently, we contacted the North Korean government for information. North Korea refused to answer any detailed questions on Kim Jong-Il, or about his movie collection. It is not yet known whether Team America: World Police has yet been viewed by the dogmatic oppressor. It is also rumored that Pierce Brosnan was offered a high rank in the North Korean military as a first step in grooming him as Kim’s successor. This might explain why Brosnan will no longer be appearing in Bond films.

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