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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

NewsBlog 5000 is now taking nominations for Instigator of the Year. The criteria is simple. Nominate the person who you though caused the most news stories in 2004. Your nomination will be given points based on how much news they have caused. Bonus points will be given to for statements divorced from reality and other signs of derangement, but only for the nominee, not the nominator.

Although it is out of fashion, Gmail invites will be given to the first 5 nominators who ask for it. If you want Gmail, say "“I want Gmail"” and leave your email address. Mention of wanting Gmail and email address should be included in your comment or can be emailed to for the sake of privacy. Instigators must be nominated for eligibility. No Gmail invites will be sent to Gmail addresses. Nominate as many times as you like. NewsBlog 5000 staff, Google Employees, and their families are not eligible for Gmail invites. If no one is nominated by Thursday, we'll just start making up names. Offer void in Utah.

how about kim jong il?
I nominate Swift Boat dude John O'Neill. He certainly got a lot of headlines this year.

Since he used to be buddies with Nixon that should be good for additional derangement points eh?

Oh and I want GMAIL. But I'll email my address.
Kofi Annan. Michael Moore.
Dubya, hyukk hyukk.

No Gmail plz, I've got loads.
Nominations are closed.

Unfortunately, because of low turnout, everyone involved will have to take a Gmail invite.
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