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First Meeting of the 25th Homoexual Agenda

Thursday, January 06, 2005

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ESPN Radio promotes “YMCA” for kids

The 25th Sexual Agenda met for the first time Tuesday. The Lesbian Party boosted their majority over the Gays for 8 seats in the thirteen member board or directors. The 25th Sexual Agenda may be more lesbian than the last, but gay analysts say this new session could be one of the most contentious in years.

The Homosexual Agenda was created in 1980, after a golf course discussion by three young but powerful gay men. They began discussing the power that the song “YMCA” was having on the straight community. While they knew nothing about the music or entertainment industries, gay leaders theorized that if they could infiltrate the entertainment industries, they could slowly turn the entire world gay. From those humble beginnings, the Agenda has grown to a board of 13 directors. In addition to the directors, there are over five hundred agents have infiltrated organizations all over America, city councils, recording studios, movie studios, churches and schools.

They wish to eradicate Conservative Christianity

The short term goals of the Homosexual agenda are simple. First, they wish to eradicate Conservative Christianity, which views them as deviant and sinful. Secondly, they want to enact legislation that makes it nearly impossible not to be gay. Finally, they wish to make homosexuality completely socially acceptable. Many have pointed out that if they though it was ok to have relations with the same sex, they never would have bothered to try to understand the opposite sex.

When the short term goals off the homosexual community are reached, they believe that they will reap their ultimate reward: the eradication of the human race through decreased birthrates. What asked why they wanted to bring about the extinction of humanity, a lesbian spokesman said, “It’s just something of a hobby. We don’t take it too seriously”

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