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Dungeons and Dragons Player Confesses to Fourth Murder

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

(SNN) John Charles Eichinger, 33, a supermarket clerk from Somers Point, NJ confessed today to the stabbing of Rebecca Stills of Bridgeport in 1999, prosecutors said today. This follows the charges brought against Eichinger that he killed a former co-worker, Heather Greaves, her sister and her daughter.

This is far from the first high profile case to involve the game.

The motivations for this murder are simple. Eichinger wanted to have a romantic involvement with both of the women, but he was turned down, most probably because he may have played games similar to Dungeons and Dragons. Eichinger and many of his friends played role playing games, which are similar to Dungeons and Dragons.

Due to hazing, video games, and low carb diets, it is now rare that a murder is caused by Dungeons and Dragons. But this is far from the first high profile case to involve the game. In 1982, Tom Hanks and his four college classmates decide to move the board game into the local legendary cavern. Hanks started having visions for real, and the line between reality and fantasy fused into a harrowing adventure.

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In his book, “Stairway to Hell, The Well-Planned Destruction of Teens”, author Rick Jones describes in detail how Dungeons and Dragons allow demons to enter the body and drive teenagers to commit murders. He also points out that Dungeons and Dragons contains occult materials such as the names of demons found in the bible. He quotes the Dungeons and Dragon’s manual “Serving a deity is a significant part of D & D, and all players should have a patron god.”, and then cautions the reader, “Surprise D & D player! Guess which deity you are serving? Satan!”

In addition to Satanism, role-playing has caused a number of other problems including vampirism, the goth culture, joining the military, terrorism, Nazism, and Y2k. After causing so many of our social ills, how can the makers, players and proponents of Dungeons and Dragons still claim it is just a game?

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