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Antonin Scalia Refuses to Answer Sodomy Charge

Thursday, April 14, 2005

(SNN) Tuesday, amid campus protests, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia refused to admit to an accusation of sodomy during a question and answer session at NYU’s Vanderbilt Hall.

Scalia was explaining his position in Lawrence

During the evening, many questions of the constitutionality of certain laws as well as whether or not the constitution was intended to be a living document were addressed. However, we are going to bring you information on none of these things.

Scalia was explaining, to a law student, his position in Lawrence v. Texas ruling, where Scalia upheld the constitutionality of Texas passing anti-sodomy laws and contended that privacy was not a constitutional right. As a follow-up question the law student asked Scalia if he sodomized his wife.

The New York Post called the student, Eric Berndt, “a gay student”.

It should be pointed out that there is some confusion as to the status of the NYU student. While NYU’s student paper identifies the student as a law student, a source to the New York Post called the student, Eric Berndt, “a gay student”. We have not been able to determine if the student in question was studying law or gay.

Despite Scalia’s position of the constitutionality of sodomy being part of the public record, he refused to answer the question. Scalia even went as far as to say that the question was “unworthy of an answer”, suggesting that if he does commit sodomy, he does not do it very well.

While David Souter’s exploits in this area have long been known, this marks the first time that Scalia has publicly been accused of Sodomy. Although it must be noted that he is often accused of the act in more private settings.

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