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Schwarzenegger Hates Foreigners

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Just a week after Governor Schwarzenegger was forced to apologize for his statements about closing the border with Mexico, he has again found himself in hot water. Schwarzenegger lauded the Minutemen, amateur border patrollers, in off-the-cuff remarks to a Southern California radio station.

"What I'm encouraging is to simply ask the federal government to do their job," Schwarzenegger said. "Their job is to secure the borders, and they have not done their job. And when the government, the state or the country, doesn't do its job, then the private citizens go out and it's like a neighborhood patrol. It's like they then step in and they try to help."

John McCain, R-Ariz., and Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., plan to introduce immigration legislation soon that is expected to mix tough enforcement with some sort of worker program. This would allow the United States to have a whole new class below the lower class, a “caste” of “untouchables”. The proposal is unlikely to be taken seriously, because one of the sponsors is much too liberal for the Senate and the other is a Kennedy.

The governor is ready to take responsibility for any deaths

Tensions are running high in racially divided “Southern” California. "I hope the governor is ready to take responsibility for any deaths or other misdeeds that may result from increasing tensions along the border,” commented Assemblyman Hector De La Torre.

While the Minutemen plan to come to California, many of them do not consider California a state at all, and have publicly spoken out against its “totalitarian” state government. It is yet unclear whether they will be protecting the Californian border from Mexican incursion or the United States border from Californian incursion.

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