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US Military Seize Zarqawi’s Laptop

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

(SNN) The wanted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is one of the most wanted men in the world. It was revealed today that a February raid by a covert US military unit came extremely close to capturing Zarqawi. While sadly, Zarqawi was able to get away, he did leave one important thing behind: his laptop.

Found on Zarqawi’s Laptop

Hello Kitty screensaver

Penguin Racing game

Britney Spears “Toxic”

John Kerry campaign literature

Videos clips of "The Flip Wilson Show"

Ed Asner quotations

Naked Pictures of Hugh Heffner

Zarqawi is a frightening figure. He is known for his brutality even among terrorists. Some claim he is merely a legend, a ghost who operates in the shadows, or a mythical figurehead invented by the Insurgency. No sightings of Zarqawi have been confirmed since 2001. He is so mean that his organization once competed with Al Queda to see who was the most vicious. Now, in a letter from Osama bin Laden, he has been named "the prince of al Qaeda in Iraq”. Some people claim that he is now more powerful than bin Laden himself.

While his escape comes as quite a disappointment, it is not likely that it would have ended the Insurgency. However, it would have been a major blow to the morale of the insurgents.

He will stop at nothing to ruin our way of life.

According to Pentagon officials, Zarqawi’s laptop has proven a treasure trove of information about this enemy about which so little is known. It is hoped that the laptop may contain information about contacts or hard data of the relationship between his organization and Al Qaeda.

In addition to being the most feared terrorist in the world, it is now known that Zarqawi has downloaded illegal music and movies. With this new information, we now know that he is even more dangerous than once was feared, and he will stop at nothing to ruin our way of life.

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