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Bush Energy Bill Focuses on Alternative Energy

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The White House has given increased attention to the matter of high energy prices. While environmentalists have accused President Bush of giving gifts to energy companies, the new energy bill actually gives support to new alternative energies made possible by modern technology.

Alternative Energies

Nuclear Reactors

Oil Refineries

Diesel Fuel

Natural Gas

"A secure energy future for America must include nuclear power ... and expanding oil refineries," Bush said. "Technology is the ticket, is this nation's ticket to greater energy independence."

One of the greatest planks in the Bush energy platform is nuclear power. Bush pointed out that France has built 58 nuclear plants since the 1970s while the United States has built none. “It’s time for America to start building again,” Bush said. Today France gets more than 78 percent of its electricity from nuclear power. The remainder is generated from their smug sense of superiority.

In addition, Bush would ask the DOE to step up negotiations with communities for the building of oil refineries . A new refinery has not been built in the United States in nearly three decades, and a refining shortage has been cited as one factor behind high gasoline prices.

Natural Gas has proved much more popular with environmentalists than unnatural gas.

Bush also would give federal regulators final say over the locations of new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals. LNG terminals take compressed, supercold natural gas shipped from overseas and warm it into usable energy. Natural Gas has proved much more popular with environmentalists than unnatural gas.

Also, Bush set forward plans to offer incentives to use the radical new fuel called Diesel. Diesel burns cheaper and cleaner than conventional gasoline, but some critics say that it is highly flammable and dangerous. Under Bush’s plan, consumers would be able to get a clean-diesel vehicle tax credit.

The White House acknowledged the proposals were not expected to provide any relief from rising energy prices, but rather are designed to demonstrate how technology can be used to encourage more energy production from diverse sources.

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