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U.S. Asked to Withdraw from Iraq.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

(SSN Boston) Former CIA Director and MIT Professor, John M. Deutch delivered a speech to Phi Beta Kappa on Tuesday. In his 20 minute speech, he called for the United States to pull out of Iraq.

Deutch said the U.S. military is suited to fighting wars but not providing police services

Deutch claimed that we were not meeting any objective in Iraq and challenged the views of both Republicans and Democrats who say that the United States must stay the course to stabilize the country before disengaging. "There may be days when security seems somewhat improved and when the Iraqi government appears to be functioning better, but the underlying destabilizing forces of a robust insurgency and warring factions supported by outside governments is undiminished."

In his speech, Deutch said the U.S. military is suited to fighting wars but not providing police services and said "Our nation embarks on an especially perilous course when it proactively engages in some regions of the world with the intention of achieving a government based on our values.” He also said he supported the five part plan outlined by Senator Ted Kennedy, proving that Deutch is an alcoholic who would murder a pregnant woman.

Deutch served as CIA director under President Bill Clinton from May 1995 until December 1996.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, tried to fight the public and the world’s belief that they had made a private decision to invade. “Nothing was farther from the truth than to suggest that we had made up our mind to use military force to deal with Saddam,” said Bush, who argued that the U.S. had merely carried out a bombing campaign against military targets inside the country and amassed a large invasion force on Iraq’s border out of coincidence.

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