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Science Once Again Shows it Hates God

Sunday, June 05, 2005

(SNN New York) Science has once again proven God wrong. It has long been argued by the religious right that sexual orientation is decided by choice. However, now Science has some compelling evidence otherwise. Researchers discovered a single "switch gene" that swaps the sexual orientation of males and females.

None of us chooses our sexuality. It just happens.

Dr Michael Weiss, chairman of biochemistry at Ohio University, was as surprised at the findings. "It seems that none of us chooses our sexuality. It just happens. The results are so clean and compelling, the whole field of the genetic roots of behavior is moved forward tremendously by this work," he said.

Lesbian flies rebuffed males that tried to mate with them.

In the research, published yesterday, genetically altered male fruit flies spurned females and became attracted to other males. Genetically altered females engaged in complex male mating rituals, vibrating their wings, licking other female flies' genitalia and curling their backs ready for copulation. Lesbian flies rebuffed males that tried to mate with them.

But female genital licking aside, this is just another setback for the religious establishment which has struck out repeatedly on scientific questions from the earth being flat to the Mississippi River being dug by Paul Bunyan’s axe. It is not yet known if far right groups will now start attacking the validity of genetics.

This may be a setback for the religious establishment but it could be a great debut for the new Discovery/Playboy channel.
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I got down to the part that said, "genetically altered" and then I had a problem. So these are not the normal flies we'd find around our food, they have been "genetically altered" by the scientist doing the study? To me that means that the flies will do what ever the scientist want.

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God Bless America, God Save The Republic.
Ah, but if I was genetically altered by scientists to wear kilts that would probably mean that there would have to be a gene that controlled kilt wearing. Actually, the flies are most likely transgendered, but I did not want to complicate the article. Rod Stewart is Scottish.
Oh dear, are these jeans being worn by gay penguins? You mean it is NOT the mighty supervillain The Gay Agenda and his evil superweapon, the Gay Laser Beam Of Gayness, that is the cause of male hairdressers, Queer Eye, and San Francisco? Hmm, next thing you'll say is that tolerance is preferable to hatred and bigotry! I can hear old ladies gasping and fanning themselves all across the South as we speak...

-- Badtux the Manly Straight Penguin
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