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Monday, July 18, 2005

(SNN Miami) Corrections officials in Miami say Andrew Calderon violated his probation when he viewed the “sexually stimulating” material in Maxim Magazine.

Calderon was on probation for sexually assaulting a mentally disabled relative. Corrections officials say they will leave it to judges to ultimately decide whether something is obscene -- and whether an offender must go to prison over it. Calderon’s lawyer believes the magazine is far from obscene.

For those of you not familiar with magazines such as Maxim, they basically provide a niche for teenagers, men who do not like pornography but enjoy the banality of the writing in pornographic magazines, or men who are able to masturbate without seeing a cervix. The pages not dedicated to barely fig leafed women contain various articles and pop culture references to keep the reader interested when in places where masturbation would be embarrassing.

Basically, Calderon’s probation officers are afraid that when Calderon looks at scantily clad pictures of Paris Hilton, Daisy Fuentes and Jessica Simpson, he may be fantasizing about having sex with the mentally disabled.

Excellent!! ~ User_32
Maybe we aren't getting the full facts here. Maybe the corrections officer is a closet religite and finds masturbation a sin because seed is wasted. All the offender needs to do is find someone to consume his seed (or even consume it himself) and everything will be ok.

Just how much taller I'd be today, if I had consumed all that wasted protein during my adolescence.

God Bless,

I still can't underatand what all the flap is over violins in society. Seems to me that a little music is good for the soul.

As for the Maxim story, I don't understand it at all. We don't read such stuff here in Tuscaloosa. Why, you can't even get a vibrator for your stiff neck around here anymore.
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