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Katherine Harris Shows Substance

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

(SSN Tulsa) Last night on Hannity and Colmes, U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris gave a brief interview. Hopefully that interview is indicative of what we can expect from her entire candidacy.

Harris has recently given herself a little bit of media attention by claiming that the press had doctored her photograph during the time she was doctoring the 2000 presidential election. Later, she claimed that the press had made up the fact that she claimed the photos were doctored. Some say that this is only to cover for a recent extreme makeover.

During the interview Harris bobbed and weaved like a boxer on cocaine, using her breasts to defend herself from the need to make sense. But physical movements aside, some of her choice of words and slurring indicated a drunken command of the English language, showing that she is much more eloquent then even the President of the United States.

The White House has been actively searching for another primary candidate.

At first, the interview did not go so well for Harris. Alan Colmes pointed out that the President and his brother, Governor Jeb Bush, were not standing behind her campaign. Harris interrupted to say, “Actually, they have.” This may come as a surprise to the White House and many Republicans who have been actively searching for another primary candidate. However, it is difficult to find someone willing to represent Florida, the steakhouse stabbing capitol of the world.

However, during the second half of her interview, led by Sean Hannity, things went much better for Harris. While there was a bit of tough territory at first, when Hannity suggested that not even Harris’s friends really liked her, he soon covered by telling her how wonderful he thought she was. In fact, Hannity has expressed an interest in starting a Katherine Harris fan club, where members would wear padded bras on their heads like mouse ears.

You are absolutely brutal! (But funny!)
Her true ugliness was already present in her normal picture. Needly nosed power hungry wannabe. Maybe if she expressed more interest in buggery, she'd be the Republican's choice candidate.
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