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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Alice Humbees has been working on other assignments, but we were able to persuade her to write her column this week. We humbly submit to you another episode of Go Ask Alice.


The other day in the NASCAR chat room, the subject of homosexuality came up. I believe that the support of homosexuality is a continuation of the feminization of America, where real men dare not speak out against diversity.

Mike H


You are right. America is becoming increasingly feminized. Did you know that slightly over half the population of America is female? What’s more, in comparison to the male side of the population, the females are having children at an extraordinary rate.

But back to your problem, if you feel you should speak out against something, then it is your right. I suggest that you make a grand gesture. Make a giant sign, perhaps by sewing several bed sheets sewn together, have a woman sew them if you are afraid it is too feminine. Write your convictions on that sheet and take it to the tallest building you can find on a very windy day. Walk to the very edge of the roof, hold on tightly to your sign and unfurl your treatise for the world to see. I guarantee this will put an end to your problem.



I am a man in my mid thirties that is underemployed and working with many entry level young women (16-19 years old). I find myself very attracted to a couple of them and I was wondering if it would be inappropriate to ask them out on dates or proposition them sexually. I did some research and discovered 16 is the legal age of consent in my state.

Rod K


The change from child to adult is an especially dangerous time for adolescents in our society. It is always critical that you take the utmost care when even considering a relationship with someone, especially a female, even in the later adolescence. In today’s culture, sexual content is regularly marketed to younger children, pre-teens, and teens and this affects young people's sexual activity and beliefs about sex. While you have done some research on your own feelings and legal indemnity, I suggest you do some careful consideration on the situations of these girls that you plan to have a relationship with. For instance, what if you did manage to get one of them to go on a date with you and took her home to a frantic make out session on her couch, only to suddenly discover that she still lives at home and her father is a marine or a concrete worker. These are all things you need to discover before you consider a teenage girl approachable.



I am a healthy young man with a good sex drive. Lately my girlfriend seems less and less eager to have sex. I hear other men tell me horror stories about how they do not have sex now that they are married. Why do women seem to lose their sex drive after they spend time in a committed relationship?

Ben Q


Do you enjoy seeing the same movie over and over again? How many people do you know that eat at the same restaurant every day? With your high sex drive you probably see a woman every now and then you want to have sex with. Your girlfriend is the same way. She is most probably cheating on you. Or you have a small penis.


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