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The Movement to Name Everything Ronald Reagan Continues

Friday, August 05, 2005

(SNN Washington) Washington D.C. has long been known as a haven for drug traffickers, gun runners and money laundering. It seems only fitting that a group of enthusiastic citizens want to name one of its primary thoroughfares for President Ronald Reagan.

This movement represents a major effort by some conservatives to get one of everything in the United States named after Ronald Reagan. Reagan already has an aircraft carrier, an airport, 65 streets, a federal building, several elementary schools, a breakfast cereal, a cow in Oklahoma, the seventh commandment, a sexually assaulted watermelon and two sets of tableware named after him. The current bill is sponsored by Rep. Henry Bonilla

And this would seem a fine thing to do. Washington has several streets named for presidents, including Thomas Jefferson and James Garfield, and there is a circle named for George Jefferson. But some say, 16th street, the street that crosses many of the actually nice neighborhoods is too prominent a thoroughfare and represents all presidents not just one president. "Sixteenth Street is one of our city's most prominent thoroughfares. It represents all presidents, not just one president," says Mayor Anthony Williams. The Mayor suggested that Bonilla rename a street for Reagan back home in San Antonio.

The Mayor suggested that Bonilla rename a street for Reagan back home in San Antonio.

In addition to this, not only could we not find anyone in Washington that actually liked President Reagan, the person behind the movement is not from Washington D.C. But Rep. Henry Bonilla, (R-TX) the sponsor of the bill, argues that everyone secretly loves Ronny. "Most people agree that Ronald Reagan was an American icon," Bonilla said. "He deserves an honor in the nation's capital." Bonilla went on to say, “It’s like when a woman says no. You know she won’t press charges, so she really wanted to.”

LOL! I didn't know about that watermelon . . . but I think I milked that cow once!

How terribly disrespectfully funny!
It does continue to astonish me that whenever the Republicans get someone into the White House, they're a blathering idiot or senile, and then they spend the rest of the century (and into the next) trying to get everyone to agree that the person wasn't REALLY either a blathering idiot or senile. I hate those Fucking Republicans.
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