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Liberal Attacks President

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

(SNN Washington) On Monday, known liberal sympathizer Chris Matthews attacked President Bush in a horrible show of liberal bias. The commentator characterized the President as a child of privilege.

The commentator characterized the President as a child of privilege.

The comment came while Matthews was discussing the possible impeachment of key administration officials with Washington Times Editorial Page Editor Tony Blankly. After Blankely made a statement about the seriousness of perjury, Mathews said to Blankley, “You know, Tony, there is in the past, it's not always there, but sometimes it glimmers with this man, our president, that kind of sonny nobility.”

The great liberal Matthews then calls Bush “glimmering”

By calling Bush “sonny nobility” he has gone too far. He is essentially calling our president the favorite son of a tired aristocracy. How dare he suggest that George W. Bush got his place in the President’s chair due to a birthright. In America, the poorest minority child growing up in the projects has the same chance of becoming president as the son of an oil millionaire and former President.

To add injury to insult, the great liberal Matthews then calls Bush “glimmering”. This is an obviously attempt to play up rumors that the president is gay. Just because someone overly uses fabulous, and comes up with kitschy nicknames for people, and occasionally wears women’s underwear and a dress, and has sex with many, many men, does not make them gay.

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