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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Lately I have been hearing a lot about Stanley Tookie Williams. As of my writing this, he is scheduled to be executed tomorrow morning. I decided this evening to fly to California and to speak to Governor Schwarzenegger personally.

While I have no real idea what this Williams stands accused of, I have known Schwarzenegger to be a moral upstanding man since I was little boy, and my father would write scores to his pornographic films. I believe Williams did something with organizing cripples, and while conservatives are no great fans of organized labor, it is hardly a hanging offense.

So I spoke to Uncle Arnold and expressed my concerns. He told me that my defense of Williams was impassioned. And because of the deep respect he had for my father, he sat down and personally wrote out a pardon, which is sitting on my desk at this very moment.

I personally look forward to taking the pardon to the gates of San Quentin tomorrow. Perhaps I'll even get up early for the occasion, say around noon.

Adrian Chevelle, opinions

Looks like you forgot to hand in the pardon
I think it harms all of us to commit murder. For any reason.
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