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DeLay Steps Down, Sparks Blunt

Sunday, January 08, 2006

(SNN Washington) Under pressure from colleagues, Representative Tom DeLay has permanently stepped down from his position of House Majority Leader. DeLay said he was forced to step down because of his acting in "an ethical manner within the rules of our body and laws of our land"

connect DeLay's departure with the guilty pleas of lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Some have gone as far as to connect DeLay's departure with the guilty pleas of lobbyist Jack Abramoff. However, others say that is just a matter of time before it comes out that the stories about DeLay and Abramoff laundering money together, stealing millions of dollars, selling the House of Representatives for the highest better and having sex on the conference room table on Air Force One will all turn out to be just nasty rumors. In fact, by the time DeLay comes up for reelection, it will probably be public knowledge that the two did not know each other at all.

Zach Wamp Whip
Zach Wamp Whip
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His suspicion immediately started a potentially divisive fight over who should become the new leader. While technically, any Republican member of the House of Representatives could be the next majority leader, in actuality it will come down to about a half-dozen members that are not currently under investigation or indictment.

It is rumored that Representative Roy Blunt is very fired up by the idea of being the next majority leader. If owned were to become the new majority leader, it would leave the position of majority whip open. Many would like to see Zach Wamp Whip.

It is not known whether the White House played any role in pushing DeLay out. But with a track record of firing Colin Powell, keeping Donald Rumsfeld and praising the performance of Mike Brown, it does not take much imagination to guess at their position.

They are all assholes.
And Delay is probably the biggest asshole of all.
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