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Skippy Gets a Drug Discount Card

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Whenever I watch TV, I'm always seeing these ads for discount drug cards. So this week for Skippy does it, I decided to obtain my own discount drug card.

In searching for the perfect drug discount card for me, my friend Frank suggested that I try the parking garage behind the bus station. So early on Saturday morning, I set out for the bus station. While I extensively search their parking area, I founded no agencies willing to sell me a drug discount card. When I asked Frank about this, he told me that I should try back later in the evening.

At 8 p.m. that same Saturday, I returned to the parking area behind the bus station. There, I met a man who called himself DJ Troy. He offered a plethora of drug discount cards. After perusing his wares, I received a free drug discount card.

There were many different types of drug discount cards offered, from the simple free card I received, to one with a high upfront payment that would have a higher potential reward. For instance, my free card will only get the one free rock of crack once I have purchased nine rocks. Conversely, DJ Troy offered a monthly subscription card that, for a sizable fee, would give me 40% off on all crack purchased within a given month. There is an additional catch these cards, you must buy all your crack from DJ Troy.

In the interest of giving you a thorough report, I bought a rock that day, and I returned to the bus station nine additional times. I did indeed receive my 10th rock for free.

Sadly, shortly after I finished my field research, DJ Troy was shot fifteen times behind the bus station. He died as he lived: behind the bus station.

This article dedicated to DJ Troy

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