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Skippy Is Hypnotized

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Something I have always wanted to do in my Skippy Does It segments is try out hypnosis. After asking around, and finding out that I don't know anyone who knows a hypnotist, I went to the phone book and started calling until I found one who would work for free in exchange for the publicity.

Fortunately, the hypnotist was able to get me in the very next day. I was very excited as I entered the offices of Dr. Hans Magnatter. After a short wait, the doctor, who had obviously given his receptionist the day off, personally greeted me. I was his first appointment for the day, so he immediately showed me into his office.

Dr. Magnatter's office was like something out of a sci-fi novel. He had beakers and test tubes, and there were those swirly things. He had me sit down and gaze into his eyes. Two hours later I woke up feeling very refreshed.

During the time I had been unconscious, I kept a tape recorder running in the office. The doctor told me to do all kinds of things: bark like a dog, squawk like a chicken, even take off my clothes. At one point, he even had me turn off the tape recorder. All and all, it was a lot of fun.

Editor's note

In the middle of writing this article, James Skippenofsky received a mysterious phone call. Immediately after the phone call, he robbed a local credit union.

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