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Editor's Note: Reactor Will Destroy Earth

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A coalition of seven countries has started a $10 billion experiment to build the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), a fusion reactor in France. This reactor will probably destroy the entire world.

First of all, I am offended that the $10 billion will not be managed by the United States. We could use the money to repay a small portion of what the Iraq war has cost us. While the reactor might not begin producing energy for 35 years, the $10 billion could be used for corporate energy incentives that could pay off now. Exxon could really use one or two billion dollars right now. And when was the last time we gave a major subsidy to American auto makers? I think that for a couple billion, they could squeeze out a few more miles per gallon.

Building this reactor in France is a blatant disregard of Bill O'Reilly's boycott. Giving France a project this large will rebuild the French economy, which has been in shambles since the boycott was called. We might as well be building this thing in Cuba.

Finally, We don't even know if this reactor will be safe. I predict it will implode and then explode, probably taking most of France with it. In fact, this is the only good part about this plan.

Now, I don't know anything about science, but is seems to me that it is very probable that this reactor, which will burn as hot as the Sun, will shatter the entire earth. This is why I say we abandon the project and spend that $10 billion on clean burning coal.

I would suggest looking for research on the magnetic field strengths and tempeartures required for fusion to occur.

Will the magnetic field generated by a fusion reactor change the way the earth's magnetic field interacts with the solar wind?

Will the heat change the average energy density of the planet?

Will the fusion reactor have any effect on the earth's orbit?
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