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Editor’s Note: The War on Gibson

Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson has been forced to apologize for allegedly acting “completely out of control” during a run in with Los Angeles County deputies. The brilliant actor was supposedly drunk and spat anti-Semitic comments.

This is typical of the way that the Zionist movement discredits great Christian Americans. Mel Gibson is completely sane and does not have a anti-Semitic bone in his body.

Gibson reportedly said that “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” While this may not be true in a historical context, it technically applies to every war that was started after the Jews murdered the lord Jesus.

This whole incident is obviously a setup by powerful Jewish entertainment lawyers and liberals who do not want to see Gibson make another movie. Who knows what horrors Gibson would visit upon the Jewish world if he were allowed to continue, a movie about Jesus’ forerunners Moses or Abraham perhaps?

Even if Gibson’s comments were true, normally celebrities get off saying and doing almost anything they want. But Hollywood is a strange land where Woody Allen is allowed to make movies after sleeping with his stepdaughters, they follow the cultish pseudo-religion of Global Warming and despite all the rules in the Old Testament, Barbara Streisand has not been stoned to death.

Dr. Ryan Maynard, Editor, NewsBlog 5000

He's an anti-semitic asshole. Always knew it--like father, like son.
Well Jews control the media right? You guys are Jews right?

I mean your in the media so...
I pass as Jewish. It's not really that hard. I often wear a Star of David necktie around the office. And an important thing to remember is that Menorahs are not meant to be worn on the head. Then you just work an occasional phrase into your conversation with Jewish people about your childhood dreidle or how you were betrayed by the King of Poland. Then you slip in the occasional questions about when you will all get together to decide the fate of the world and destroy America and Christianity.
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