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Iranians Eager to Fight Israelis

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

(SNN Tehran) More than sixth Iranian volunteers of all ages have volunteered to go fight for Hezbollah. The group is planning to reach Lebanon via Syria by this weekend.

Volunteers pray that they will get into the Big Brother house

Turkey has not yet announced if they will let the Iranian men come though their country. However, the men plan to travel unarmed.

"We are just the first wave of Islamic warriors from Iran," said Amir Jalilinejad, chairman of the group that helped recruit the fighters. Considering that the wave consists of sixty unarmed men some of them as old as 72 and wearing flip flops, it may be doubtful that the Israeli military is impressed.

There is a danger that the trend may catch on among Iranian men. Some estimates say that as many as 800,000 may join the group, and bring with them tanks, air power, and a small navy.

"God made this decision for me," said Honavi, one of the oldest volunteers. "I still have fight left in me for a holy war." God declined to comment on any counseling Honavi may have received.

Sadly, at least thirty of the sixty believe that they are auditioning for Big Brother Mashhad.

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