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Kerry Apologizes

Thursday, November 02, 2006

(SNN Imus Ranch) This morning on MSNBC John Kerry finally apologised for comments disparaging the intelligence of United States soldiers.

Many are still upset Kerry tried to remove the President from office. In addition, they feel jealousy for a man who more than likely banged Jane Fonda.

Mr Kerry's apology was a reference to comments he made earlier this week when he spoke to students in California of the need to study hard, telling them: "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

Within the hour, President Bush was giving a prepared speech, where he called on Kerry to apologize for his statements. It is fortunate that he and Tony Snow have hammered relentlessly on this issue. If not for their efforts, no one would have even noticed. And while the President and the Whitehouse Press Secretary have asked for an apology dozens of times over the last few days, Kerry has only apologized three times.

Why Kerry’s statement really hurts is that it hits too close to home. Even though they respect the job the troops must do, deep down, they think they are a little down. This is because like the President, most Americans get their knowledge of everyday military life from watching Forrest Gump.

Ironically for Mr. Bush, by Republican standards, Forrest Gump is smarter than he is. While Bush attended Harvard and Yale, Gump was able to make money by successfully manage his own business, a feat the President never quite mastered. So when Bush thinks that Kerry has called the troops stupid, he perceives that Kerry has called him sub-stupid. While in reality, Kerry is merely calling Bush stupid.

In addition to having to deal with being insulted by Kerry, a man with little or no personality, Bush knows that there is nothing he can do. Unlike charges of torture which can be cleared up by some rubber stamped legislation, Bush can not twist the arm of Congress to make calling the President stupid a crime. Not only would it violate the first amendment, but with Bush in office for another two years, they courts system would break down from the load.

Many Republicans and even some Democrats have called on Kerry to apologise to the troops. They say that he should apologise to them not matter what the intent of his statements. Basically, what they are telling Kerry is that our troops are not only to stupid to understand this issue, but men who are regularly shot at are going to feel disheartened by the Senator’s misinterpreted statements. It’s a shame that they administration can’t seem to get them proper body armor, seeing that they think they are so thin skinned.

After Kerry’s apology this morning on MSNBC, Tony Snow again called on him to apologise.

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Now hold it right there Mr. Gaur. I respect you as a fellow fake editor, but I already posted this on the front page yesterday. It's obvious to me, you aren't even paying attention.

Furthermore, while this is an excellent rundown on the evils of the BK stacker, I hardly see what it has to do with John Kerry.

Although I hate to do it, as I am firmly for free speech, your comment is already available on this site. So I am going to have to delete this one.
Sadly, John Kerry is correct as interpreted. And the Republican machine knows it. The Republicans always dramatically cut educational funds when they're in office. Why? Because they don't want to deal with a smart or educated electorate. Also, they need cannon fodder for Iraq. They also work against an educated public because, well, just look at their base. It is in their best interest to keep people breeding masses of uneducable children. They have need of these poor citizens for factory work and military work. John Kerry has a lot of sound reasoning. Unfortunately, he should keep it to himself. Politics is no place for intelligence or common sense.
Well, he hasn't made the law that you cant call the president stupid YET.
It's okay to call Dear Leader stupid. He enjoys it. Just don't call him a "brainiac". All those brainiac folks, like that Clinton feller and that Gore feller, makes Dear Leader's heads just HURT. And he doesn't like it when his haid hurts. You might get to play some watersports at Gitmo if you make Dear Leader's hed hurt...

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin
Cheney says it's just like a big pool party.
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