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President Bush states the obvious

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

(SNN Washington) This morning President Bush said that casualties in Iraq were a “serious concern”. The President also indicated that things might not be going so well.

First, President Bush stated his dissatisfaction on how things are going in Iraq. "I know many Americans are not satisfied with the situation in Iraq. I'm not satisfied either," Then the President gave a generic definition of war. "There has been heavy fighting, many enemy fighters have been killed or captured and we've suffered casualties of our own."

Furthermore, the President outlined the differences between winning and losing in Iraq. "If we succeed in Iraq, the country (the United States) is more secure. If we don't succeed in Iraq, the country is less secure."

Mr. Bush said of the Democrats, "I do not question their patriotism. I question whether or not they understand how dangerous the world is." Mr. Bush is known for his foresight and vision and has often stated that he understands how dangerous the world is, as he has sustained injuries while clearing brush on his ranch.

"You asked me about accountability. It rests right here," the President said, pointing at his chest for emphasis, "That's what the 2004 campaign was all about." It is not known how the President’s tie could be held responsible for the mistakes up until now.

Finally, the President explained the place of American soldiers in Iraq. "Americans have no intention of taking sides in a sectarian struggle or standing in the crossfire between rival factions," Mr. Bush said. Possibly this means they will be transferred to Kurdistan.

Sometimes stating the obvious is the way for the all powerful Benevolent Master (the Big BM) to show us his love. It is his god that has empowered him to guide us through the slimy passages of liberal darkness and out into the light. The Big BM will signify our freedom by an immediate trip to a water park!
He's not winning the war & he knows it. So, he's double talking his way around it. Problem is, it's not working.
YOU ARE ALL WRONG! BUSH is winning!!! He has successfully taught the Iraqis a valuable lesson. And, make no mistake, it is a lesson they will remember! If you don't hold the course, then the lesson will not be fully realized. Do you want that? Do you want the Iraqi people not to learn the big lesson? Do you want them to go to hell and all the oil wasted in the sulfur fueled fires of hell?

Did you just contradict yourself?
In my mind he is the one that has made the world a more dangerous place. We discussed politics at Bob and Laurel's today. They are thinking and voting pretty much as I am.

All we can do is keep going with the flow I guess.
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