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Bush Actions to aid Hamas

Thursday, July 05, 2007

All the Federales, they say They could have had him any day They only let him slip a-away Out of kindness I suppose

(SNN Washington) Mohammed Salah was convicted on a single obstruction of justice charge in February. He was allegedly supporting Hamas’s terror campaigns in the Middle East. Now with the help of President Bush, Salah is hoping for probation.

Because the crimes Libby was supposed to have covered up remain unproven, Bush explained that Libby’s sentence was “excessive.” By extension, a number of white collar criminals may want to take advantage of the Executive opinion.

"Clearly, every criminal defense lawyer who practices in the white collar arena is asking him or herself - why shouldn't my client have this same privilege?" observered White Collar Crime Prof Blog. This statement cause many observers to say, “Holy Shit! There’s a White Collar Crime Prof Blog? Is there anything that hasn’t been blogged about? Anything?”

While technically, Bush’s words do not make a legal precedent, many people have observed that Bush’s actions are petty, partisan and ill-informed, making them worthy of most district court judges appointed by Bush’s administration.

It's like it says on my coffee cup.

I'm surrounded by fuckin' idiots.
Well he is a rich white republican. Imagine what it would be like for him in jail.
I'm tired of crack smokin' Republicans
Support the Clinton-Huckabee Ticket!
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