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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Are you sick with those bland syndicated advice columns? Alice Humbees has got the pill for you. Would you like to Go Ask Alice?


My girlfriend is a know it all, who is always telling people what to do. How can I help her get rid of this annoying habit?

Roy C

you are not allowed to contact me at work


It states clearly in the restraining order that you are not allowed to contact me at work.



I think my husband is having an affair. There seem to be too many signs to ignore. I was snooping through my husband’s cell phone and I noticed he has been calling a female co-worker at odd times of the day, even late at night. He sometimes works very late and comes home smelling of cigarettes and beer. Last week, I was in his office and I found a credit card receipt for a card that I did not know he had. It was for a motel near his office. What should I do?

Debbie H

business isn’t always conducted on the golf course


You have betrayed your husband’s trust. In any relationship, it is important to give someone their boundaries. I can’t count the number of times that a co-worker of the opposite sex called me late at night. We usually talk about a business meeting we have in a bar the next day, and whether we should get a cheap hotel room if the meeting goes beyond last call. Sometimes, it’s just good to get out of the office, and business isn’t always conducted on the golf course anymore. You should apologize for invading his privacy.


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