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Madonna sandwich sells for $35,000 on eBay

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Millions of people pray for her guidance every year. Her image seemingly appears everywhere from Bosnia to Illinois. But her image is no longer confined to brickwork and window reflections, now there is a cheese sandwich. The sandwich in question bears the resemblance of Madonna, and a bite from the sandwich's creator, Diana Duyser, a work-at-home jewelry designer from Florida.

the plucky 24 year old from Detroit debuted at New York’s Danceteria

But although she is adored by millions, very little is known of the actual facts behind the Madonna. Madonna first appeared on stage in 1982, the plucky 24 year old from Detroit debuted at New York’s Danceteria. Since then, Madonna has racked up 29 top ten singles, and 11 number one hits. Her number one and two singles have spent a combined 40 weeks at the top of the charts. In the late eighties, she had 6 straight singles, beating the Beatles record for back to back chart toppers. She has had more videos played on MTV than any other artist, and had many film roles. The sale of the Madonna sandwich on eBay is only punctuated by the fact that a recent auction for a date with Trishelle of “The Real World” failed to meet its reserve.

"I would like all people to know that I do believe that this is the Virgin Mary, Mother of God," Ms Duyser said. But it should be noted though that the Catholic Church has not officially declared this sandwich a miracle. Also the whole incident is reminiscent of the sighting of the Madonna at Fatima. Investigated by and verified by the church, the figure at Fatima was later found to be Cindy Lauper.

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