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Man uses word “antediluvians” in internet argument, sets new syllable record

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

ABC apologized Tuesday for a racy sketch played at the beginning of Monday Night Football. The skit featured Nicollette Sheridan, first wearing only a towel and then naked from the back, confronting Terrell Owens. While the resulting letter campaign, FCC investigation, apology and internet flame wars that followed came as no surprise, what did come as a surprise was the results of one of those internet flame wars.

Dell spokesmen were not immediately available for comment

Yes, a man who calls himself “RoysBigBoy” used the word “antediluvians“ in describing the attitude of what he called the expressedly creepy moral majority. This represents a milestone in the evolution of the internet argument, where most arguments rarely rate above a 3 syllable word. An earlier contender “SirScrewsAlot” did try to claim the record, but it was decided that “out-of-your-freaking-minds” could not be considered a word despite the contextual usage.

It is important to point out that “antediluvians” was apparently spelled wrong, unless by saying “antidelluvians” the author was making a commentary about the Dell computer company. Dell spokesmen were not immediately available for comment, and we gave up after being on hold for over an hour.

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