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Review: Shrek 2 is a haven for sex, murder, alcoholism, drug use and homosexuality

Sunday, November 14, 2004

For a family film, Shrek 2 seems poorly lacking in family values. The movie starts out with a recently married Shrek and Fiona trying to find time alone to fornicate. While this may seem like normal behavior for a married couple, there in no mention of having children. This suggests that Shrek and Fiona do no understand that a marriage is blessed for the purpose of having children, not for having fun. To further complicate matters, every time they try to fornicate for non-procreative reasons, the sinister, bestial donkey is there to watch.

Fiona decides that Shrek is a pedophile

Shek finds he is unable to fornicate in the swamp, though whether it is because he is ashamed of his carnal needs or just unable to fornicate while being watched by the perverted donkey is not fully explored. Fiona decides that Shrek is a pedophile, and he may be able to perform if they went to her parent’s house to soil her childhood room.

Fiona’s parents are understandably shocked that their daughter has not only married this pervert, but has also been transformed into one herself. But as with keeping with today’s lack of standards in family films, her father is despicable as well. While at first it seems that he has entered into a simple arranged marriage with the fairy godmother, it turns out that the fairy godmother is a cruel and twisted pervert as well. As well as owning a “potion factory” that is a thinly veiled imitation of a modern day sex shop, with its lustful potions, it is inferred that she makes her employees fornicate with her. The fairy godmother and father then conspire to break up Shrek’s marriage.

As if the fornication is not enough, there is also rampant alcoholism throughout the movie. Champagne is used as a symbol of celebration and success and if you drink enough of the fairy godmother’s potions, you think that you become smarter and more handsome. Also, one of the main characters, Puss-in-Boots, seems to live in a drinking establishment.

Puss-in-Boots is overtly homosexual

Puss-in-Boots, the most despicable of all the characters, is voiced by Antonio Banderas, an actor who has stared in many a violent and sex laden film, Puss enters the movie as an assassin, hired by Shrek’s twisted father-in-law. The character is even arrested for possession of drugs during the movie, and the film goes as far as to portray the arrest as politically motivated. Furthermore, Puss-in-Boots is overtly homosexual. The pub he frequents is owned by a transvestite, he wears flamboyant clothing, speaks with a foreign accent, and is often seen cuddling up to the perverts Shrek and Donkey and purring.

It is no wonder why the Motion Picture Association of America denied this film a family friendly G rating. With scenes including Shrek making out with another woman (who Fiona then attempts to murder), male cuddling, and the apologetic treatment of drug abuse, it is a wonder why the film was not considered for an R or NC17 rating.

Adrian Chevelle, arts & leisure.

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