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Supreme Court Refuses to Come Out

Monday, November 29, 2004

The Supreme Court refused to hear a dispute over Massachusetts gay marriages today. The dispute was over a year old ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Court, which saw no problem in displaying their rainbow pride. Not hearing the issue allows the court to allow the current ruling to stand without having to think about guys kissing.

heterosexual marriages will become invalidated

In the past year, over 3,000 same sex couples have wed in Massachusetts. State citizens who oppose gay marriage say that they are just looking for the protection from the tyranny of their own supreme court. Many worry that if homosexuals are allowed to keep marrying, heterosexual marriages will become invalidated. Some are afraid that they may have to become homosexuals to stay married. And, some even fear that heterosexuals may be rounded up and imprisoned by the out-of-control homosexual minority, as they have been in the past.

Despite this obvious discrimination against heterosexual couples, they will still have the right to fight this verdict by convincing the legislature to put constitutional amendment vote on the 2006 ballot. Things still look bleak for beleaguered heterosexuals. Of the 11 gay marriage amendment votes on the 2004 ballot, only 11 of them passed.

Bush is trying to win back the trust of the Heterosexual Community

But help has come, surprisingly, from the White House. George W. Bush, as seen on TV, has pledged to make a national anti-gay marriage amendment a major goal of his second term. In a time when the President is dealing with terrorism, a downwardly spiraling budget, a divided nation and the need to leave a positive legacy. It is heartwarming to think that a man would work so hard to protect these simple people from the thing that the fear the most: two men or two women falling in love and pledging themselves to each other, and having that pledge legally recognized. But some say that this is merely a political agenda for Bush. Could it be that Bush is merely trying to win back the trust of the Heterosexual Community?

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