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Monday, November 15, 2004

Coalition of the Quitting

Spencer Abraham, Energy
John Ashcroft, Attorney General
Don Evans, Commerce
Rod Paige, Education
Colin Powell, Secretary of State
Ann Veneman, Agriculture

The first African American man to serve as US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, resigned today. Powell said, at a press conference, “I will always treasure the four years I spent working with President Bush”. He did not specify which President Bush he was talking about.

Powell'’s leadership of the State Department has been a questionable one. Not a favorite of President Bush, Powell was seen as loose cannon. By staying cool when the going got tough, trying to involve the UN in foreign policy decisions and using the occasional big word, Powell showed the Bush Administration that he was not a man who could be trusted. It was also widely known that Bush did not meet face to face with Powell very often, or answer his phone calls, and he doesn’t read reports, and he doesn’t know how to check his email. This basically means that Bush’s only access to Powell was the cabinet meetings which he holds every year or so. While Bush didn’t ask Powell to resign, there have been some very pointed looks going across the table at those cabinet meetings.

Powell did stop an impending war between India and Pakistan, this has been expected of every Secretary of State

During his press conference, Powell told reporters, "I think we've accomplished a great deal." It could be argued that being appointed as the first African American Secretary of State was a great accomplishment in itself, which is good, as it is the only thing likely to get Powell mentioned in the history books. While it is noted that Powell did stop an impending war between India and Pakistan, this has been expected of every Secretary of State after those duties were taken over from the British.

It is currently unknown who will be the next Secretary of State. The most likely contenders for the position are National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Danforth. They will compete for the position in a bare knuckles boxing match to be held December 12th at Madison Square Garden. Odds favor Rice almost 2 to 1.

Upon learning that he would have to fight Dr. C Rice, John Danforth has fled the country. Rice wins by forfeit. Rice is the new Secretary! Rice is the new Secretary!

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