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Amazon Burning Leads World Pollution

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Burning of the Amazon and other forests constitute more than three quarters of Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions. This has made Brazil one of the world’s leading polluters.

Jeff Bezos opened Amazon’s online store in 1995

The report on greenhouse gas emissions showed that Brazil produced 1.03 billion tons of carbon-dioxide equivalents in 1994. Environmentalists have estimated that this report will likely make Brazil the Sixth largest polluter in the world and is responsible for three percent of the total global emissions. Greenpeace made a statement saying that, "It is now clear that Brazil's quickest way to reduce its contribution to global warming is fundamentally to change the process of occupation and Amazon land use."

Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos opened Amazon’s online store in 1995. The company was originally started as an online bookseller, but has since branched out into other areas. Industry analysts see Amazon’s move as an attempt to eliminate overhead by consolidating their operations. Amazon has complained that as the worlds largest online retailer there is no place on Earth big enough to house their massive stock. It looks like we can now see their plan for warehouse consolidation, burning down the rainforest.

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