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Editor’s Note: Big Changes

Sunday, January 23, 2005

This has been a week of monumental occasions. Viktor Yushchenko has been sworn in as the President of Ukraine. Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas are speaking again and trying to reconcile their differences. The world holds it’s breath for news about Brad and Jennifer. No one could have missed the pageantry of the marriage of Richard Maxwell to Lady Anne. While we thought that those stories were adequately covered by other news agencies, one story that the mainstream media has massively underreported is the inauguration of our own President Bush.

This has been a monumental week for NewsBlog 5000 as well. We have finished our negotiations and become a member of the Sincmil News Network. You may soon start seeing the SNN at the beginning of our articles. In exchange for our creative input, I have been given a seat on the Sincmil Board of Directors, and Skippy has been given a $200 a week expense account, which he plans to spend on some kind of publishing equipment which he calls “the Chronic”. We will also be able to maintain our strategic partnership with the Quality Control Alliance. Under the insistence of Sincmil, we will retain exclusive rights to Alice Humbees.

Dr. Ryan Maynard, Editor

I smell something here, and it ain't Skippy back with "equipment" slurping away. You might have me now, but I always am able to put my finger on it. So you watch out, because I'm gonna finger you!

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