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Offensive Comedian to Host Oscar

Sunday, February 27, 2005

(SNN) One of the most dangerous and controversial comedians today, Chris Rock, is scheduled to host the Academy Awards. This is a sad day for Hollywood, as Rock is too conservative to represent Hollywood and the movie going audience.

Rock is too conservative to represent Hollywood

First off, Rock obviously believes that it is sensible to take money for a job that you do not believe in. Rock has said that he would not watch the Oscars and furthermore he believes that no strait self-respecting black man would either. He even goes as far as to call the ceremonies and nominations “idiotic”.

Unlike many Republicans though, he supports saving money

Rock is completely out of touch with the Hollywood community. He is against any kind of gun control. His statements against abortion blame pregnant women for frivolously throwing away human life. It is well known that the liberal Hollywood community accounted for 88% of the abortions in the U.S. last year. Slate Magazine recently called Rock, “The William F-ing Buckley of stand-up”. Unlike many Republicans though, he supports saving money over spending large amounts on narcissistic possessions, like Iraq. Perhaps he is a libertarian?

Many have feared that putting such an arch-conservative in charge of a Hollywood institution would impinge on its decorum. Fortunately, Matt Drudge and Fox News have taken up the gauntlet to protect the dignity and virtue of Leonardo DiCaprio, Nichole Kidman, and that guy from “Supersize Me”.

Rock is best known in film for his role in “Pootie Tang”.

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