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A Small Group of Dedicated Citizens Fight Old People.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

(SNN) A group that calls itself USA Next has gone on the offensive against the nation’s largest group of elderly people, the AARP. The all ages group plans to protect seniors from the dangers of social security and health care.

The organization will have a long way to go. It currently has only 1.5 million members to AARP’s 35 million members. The organization’s detractors have said USA Next is an organization promoting right wing doctrine over the good of seniors. But fortunately, they have enlisted several of the high-money advertising consultants from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to bring an air of legitimacy to their movement. Also, they have been given the blessing of Bill O'Reilly, whom they call a “megastar”.

AARP will destroy social security, raise your taxes, and bankrupt the government

An essay on USA Next’s web site proclaims, “The harm AARP can do to young Americans is immense and cuts across multiple generations. Grandparents and parents, you need to understand this and get busy stopping them and protecting your children and grandchildren. Remember, harm comes in many disguises.” They also want to put a stop to AARP’s “fear mongering”

The platform is clear. Far from being a puppet organization set up by neocons who what to destroy Social Security, USA Next merely wants to raise awareness among current AARP members. They want AARP members to understand that AARP will destroy social security, raise your taxes, bankrupt the government, kill our soldiers, wipe out fraud in Medicare gap programs, make drugs more expensive, promote universal healthcare, force members into homosexual marriages, and kill their member’s grandchildren. They also claim that AARP’s insurance and hotel discounts suck and that AARP members will soon be unable to buy discounted coffee.

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