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This President has Gone Crazy

Saturday, February 05, 2005

(SNN) We have been told that democracy can cure all ills and that a leader elected with a majority of the popular vote can not go wrong. But now is the time to start to seriously question those deep seated beliefs, because many are beginning to believe that the President has gone crazy.

The President is a threat to the US

The current opinion of experts is that the President has become dangerous confused and radical. While rising to power though democracy and remaining popular, the President’s policies have become anything but democratic.

Even Fox News has been increasingly critical of the President. Fox quotes one political science professor named Anibal Romero to let us know that the President is a threat to the US. Romero called him "a dangerous fellow, a confused person who is deeply anti-American and is prepared to do terrible things."

The President has packed the Courts and the Army with his supporters

Now, buoyed by electoral victories and high oil prices, the President appears to be doing everything he can to snuff out democracy before the eyes of a nation and a world that does not seem to be paying much attention... 'The danger that we are facing as Venezuelans is the possibility of waking up and not having any of our liberties,' says Mayor Leopoldo Lopez. The President has packed the Courts and the Army with his supporters, seized control of the country's wealth and introduced a penal code that criminalizes dissent.”

But the question remains, if the President continues on this course, what will be the fate of Venezuela? Because of the effect of the nation on the South American Region and the world oil supply, America may be forced to take action. Condoleeza Rice has already started to make overtures over serious sanctioning or even possibly military action if the behavior of President Chavez does not improve.

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