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Edward Klein Casts the First Stone

Friday, April 15, 2005

(SNN) With the 2008 election just three years away, unimpeachable author Edward Klein has written a tell-all book, “The Truth About Hillary”, to expose the dangers of Hillary Clinton. It is widely believed that this book will stop Hillary from running in 2008.

Klein has written a tell-all book, “The Truth About Hillary”

There is already a lot of media buzz about the book. The Washington Times as said the book “could prove a roadblock to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's possible run for the White House in 2008.” Impartial source Matt Drudge called the book “the ultimate Hillary attack”, and he has not even seen it yet. And Fox regular Dick Morris, who was fired by the Clintons for prostitution, has said the revelations will be damaging. The book’s publisher Sentinel claims, "Just as the Swift Boat Veterans convinced millions of voters that John Kerry lacked the character to be president, Klein's book will influence everyone who is sizing up the character of Hillary Clinton."

Hillary held down Monica Lewinsky while Bill sodomized her

While the publisher has refused to spill any details to the press, the NewBlog 5000 team has been working to find out what may be included. We have reasonable evidence that Klein makes the following claims: Hillary was mean to the secret service, she is a communist lesbian, Hillary held down Monica Lewinsky while Bill sodomized her (Lewinsky), she removed life support from the Pope, she tried to give all Americans healthcare and Hillary never went on a CIA mission in Cambodia.

And Klein is the perfect person to size up the faults of Hillary Clinton. After leaving the New York Times for fabricating the “wrong kind” of stories, Klein wrote a tell-all book about the Kennedy’s homosexual orgies. He also provides details of the Greek curse put on Jackie Kennedy for marrying Onasis, and details Ted Kennedy’s dismissal from the U.S. Senate, which lead to him dying from shame. His skill in investigative reporting has been compared to that found in “People” magazine.

Did Klein get to the part where Hillary went to Abu Ghraib and taught Linndie England everything she knows about torture?
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