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More Trouble with Illegal Aliens

Sunday, April 17, 2005

India Daily reports that the Soviet and American military have both started launching thousands of missiles at outer space from arctic regions in an unannounced military exercise.

There have also been reports of strange solar flares and weather activity.

Various news services have reported that the U.S. and Russia are conducting missile defense war games. Some, but not all, UFO researchers believe that both the forces are jointly fighting some kind of alien force. There have also been reports of strange solar flares and weather activity.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the 4th Central Research Institute of the Ministry in Moscow is hosting the joint theater-wide ballistic missile defense (BMD) command-post exercise (CPX). “The theater-wide BMD exercise program is designed to further promote Russian-U.S. cooperation aimed at building trust and bolstering the positive relations between the two militaries,” the Ministry of Defense release said.

Most aliens confine their activities to sodomy.

While most aliens confine their activities to sodomy, it is feared that these aliens want to take over the government of the United States. While most believe this would be a step up, some are speculating, because of the extreme and fast action that the militaries of Russia and the United States have taken, that the aliens may also be Islamic terrorists. Bumpers stickers have already started appearing on pickup trucks saying “Who would Osama beam up?”

Most of the world’s experts on extraterrestrials were unavailable for comment, as they were killed during a high security meeting at 10 Downing Street. The meeting was put together to discuss the UFO that landed in the Thames yesterday, shutting down downtown London for 5 hours.

Another Sodomy reference. I knew you wouldn't be able to stop.
What remains unclear is if any type of sexual contact with an alien constitutes sodomy.
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